I made you another video in my Old Town Sessions series: acoustic versions of my songs filmed live at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago with Aerin Tedesco.

Here's our duet of "Lullaby" - click here to watch. And if you enjoy it, please 'Like' & Share!



I was interviewed by Seattle's KEXP FM about my recent move from Seattle to Nashville...& the exodus of Seattle artists to the Music City. It's not just a country music town anymore! Give the short interview a listen here.



It's a new decade! So I put together a new Live EP for you: a 5-song collection of my best live performances from the last decade, including “Doves” (a duet with Rafe Pearlman), “Leaving Train” & “Kothbiro”. Selected from among hundreds of live recordings, the EP represents years of touring in the U.S. & Europe.

The EP is limited to 100 copies, & you won’t find it on Spotify, YouTube or Amazon: it’s only available on the brand-spanking NEW store on my website.

Pick up the CD on its own, or as part of a specially-priced bundle together with my last two albums: a 3-CD set on sale for only $30 through January 8. Who do you know that needs some new music to help them start off the new year right?

I hope you can stop by my new store & shop indie...& grab one of these 100 CDs! Shipping is available around the world.



I recorded one of my favorite holiday songs here in Nashville...& wanted to share it with you.

Me, I’ve never been big on holidays in general. BUT I’ve always loved the melody of the old hymn “O Holy Night”: it’s absolutely epic & gorgeous. So I sat down at a piano here in Nashville & arranged it with revered Colorado newgrass banjo/guitar wizard Wilson Harwood.

You won’t find this track in the usual places - no Spotify, no iTunes. I’m kinda sharing with you on the down-low, secret-like, only on YouTube & Bandcamp. Thanks for listening & being a fan of the music in 2019!

 Listen to “O Holy Night” on YouTube here.

Or download the track on Bandcamp here.



While on tour through Chicago I teamed up my old friend, singer-songwriter Aerin Tedesco, to film three live performances at the legendary Old Town School of Folk Music. I’m sharing the first one with you here.

Aerin & I wrote this song together back in college. I had been wondering, as a college kid does, about Fate: Why am I me? Why am I not someone else? And would I still be me if I was born at a different time, somewhere else, to different parents? We set those questions to music, & voila - this song,“Anywhere-End-Up Street”, was born.

It remains one of my most-requested songs, from my album The Marriage of the Sun & the MoonClick here to watch!




My music & my charity (the International Youth Music Project) were just featured on Paradigms: Inspired Inspiring People - Visions of a Viable Future.

The episode also features an extensive interview with me.

Recent episodes of Paradigms have featured Grammy Nominees & Winners such as Loreena McKennitt, Paul Winter & Carrie Newcomer. And now, me & my music. Thanks Baruch! Check out the podcast here (or live on the radio in Burlington VT, Columbus OH, or Bend OR)!



AUGUST 2019:


So, I was anointed a 2x finalist in 2019's Hollywood Songwriting Competition for "Wingless Bird" & "Afande". Once again a finalist, mind you, not a grand prize winner. I'd say "Always the bridesmaid, never the bride", but yesterday Elizabeth told me that it's weird that I keep referring to myself as a bridesmaid. :) Anyway, congrats to Walter Koga on winning another 'Finalist' award with me for our song "Afande". And wish me better luck next year, or the year after that, with these songwriting competitions.


JULY 2019:


The collaboration I wrote/recorded with Walter Koga, ”Afande (Policeman)”, was a Finalist in the 2018 ISC Songwriting Competition.

...& "Wingless Bird" was one of the 2018 winners in the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest

Check out the video for “Afande”, shot in Seattle & Nairobi, here: https://youtu.be/WZBzwYoSxpM

And check out the animated video for “Wingless Bird” here: https://youtu.be/TrEH4Ct5btM


JUNE 2019:

Please join me in wishing a happy 4th birthday to my charity, the International Youth Music Project! In May 2015 I flew to East Affrica with a luggage full of donated instruments & the beginnings of a plan. Since that day, my charity has been able to support music programs for youth in orphanages, refugee camps, HIV/AIDS resource centers, & low-income communities in Uganda, Burma, Kenya & the U.S.A.

Thanks to all who have donated musical instruments to the programs, or funds for teachers’ salaries. And here’s to the next 4 years of free music lessons & instruments for kids in need!



I'm rarely back home in the Northwest nowadays - I've been busy making music in Nashville & Europe - but I'm returning to WA/OR/BC to play some concerts March 1-9!

March 1: House concert Vancouver, WA
March 2: House concert Burns, OR
March 3: One World Center Bend, OR
March 7: Dogwood Café Kent, WA
March 8: Gallery Bistro Vancouver, BC
March 9: House Concert, Mount Vernon, WA
For more details, check the live calendar here on my website. I hope to see you at a show!
Aaron English tour calendar!



After an autumn spent touring the West Coast of the U.S., I'm off to tour in Germany & The Netherlands 10 November-23 December - come on out to a gig!


Aaron English's new album "Songs From Somewhere Else", written & recorded during Aaron's concert tours & charity work in Europe, Africa, & the U.S.

Featuring collaborations with artists from Kenya, Romania, Turkey, The Netherlands & more, the album is a journey unto itself. It includes brand-new songs such as “Born Under the Same Sun”, “Shadow of a Doubt” & “Wild at Heart”, as well as songs showcased in Aaron’s concert tours & YouTube videos such as “Wingless Bird” "Kothbiro".

Click the links below to download or listen online:

Amazon mp3


Or click here to buy the CD and we'll ship it to you in the U.S. or Europe:


english & hareza european tour:


After 4 months touring in the U.S., Aaron English & Elizabeth Hareza return to Europe for a 45-day summer tour.

The concerts are from June 2 to July 16 in Germany, Belgium, France, The Netherlands & Scotland. Come on out to the one nearest you!

click here to go to aaron's tour calendar for details. we hope to see you at one of the gigs!


English & Hareza is returning to the Midwest & East Coast for a series of shows in April & May!

Aaron has performed 250+ shows around the world over the past year as a duo w/ Utah-based singer-songwriter Elizabeth Hareza. Now they're coming to Pittsburgh, Philly, the DC area, Charlotte & Wichita for a series of intimate gigs. In between, they’ll be writing & showcasing in Nashville.

here to go to Aaron's tour calendar for details.


Click here to check out the tour calendar!

Greetings from Amsterdam! I’m touring Europe for the next two months as a duo with Utah-based singer-songwriter Elizabeth Hareza, starting with tonight’s concert in Brussels. If you're in Europe or the U.K., check out the TOUR CALENDAR & come to a show!


The new Aaron English album, written & recorded on three continents over the last couple of years, is set for release in July! Question: I'm considering a vinyl pressing of this & previous albums - who would be interested? Email to let me know!

Click to watch "Coming of Age in Hard Times" on YouTube

I’m sitting here in Seattle as ash & smoke from wildfires fills the city: the American West’s massive summer wildfire season rages on. As I sit, I’m reading about Hurricanes Irma & Harvey, the escalating North Korea & Burma crises, the plight of the American immigrant 'Dreamers'...& I am reminded of the old saying (purported to be an ancient Chinese curse): “May you live in interesting times”. 

With all of this in mind, here’s my new song & video“Coming of Age in Hard Times”Click here to watch on YouTube.com or here to listen/download on Bandcamp.com

Recorded in Italy during one my European tours earlier this year, the new song is meant to be a rallying cry for those who, amidst our present challenges, are ready to roll up their sleeves & get to work in building a safer, more just world for us all.

Thanks for following along on this musical journey! And thanks to those of you that have pledged to support the music via Patreon.com - your direct support is the reason I am able to make new art for you to enjoy!  If you haven’t yet signed up to be a patron of my new music and videos, please click here to learn more.

Please consider becoming a patron of these songs & videos!


New Aaron English song & video just released: “My Dream (Lekna)”, a collaboration with Nairobi singer-songwriter Walter Koga:

Walter & I wrote this song on a nyatiti - an ancient East African lute - at an orphanage in the slums of Kisumu, Kenya. Then I took the song back to the U.S. to complete it. The song features me playing a variety of ‘junk’ percussion: brake drum “chimes”, driftwood marimbas, & the rusted metal frame of a derelict grand piano.

Watch the video here on YouTube or listen to the song here on Bandcamp.com…& enjoy!

Since my last song & video were released, I’ve been on tour, playing concerts from the boot of Italy to northern Scotland, from the swamps of South Carolina to the islands of the Puget Sound.

What’s ahead for the rest of 2017? In between making new songs & videos, I will be playing more tours of the U.S. & Europe. I’ll send you an email when I’m playing in your area (or you can check out all of the gigs I’m playing at http://aaronenglish.com/calendar).

See you again in a month when I release the next song & video!


New song: "Afande (Policeman)"

Just released: a new song & video collaboration with Kenya’s “master of nyatiti”, Walter Koga.The nyatiti is a lute-like instrument that has been played in Africa for thousands of years. Walter & I wrote this song while we were traveling together in Kenya.

Click here to listen/download on Bandcamp…& then click here to watch our video on YouTube!

New video: "Afande (Policeman)"

Afande” (“Policeman”) is a song about Kenyan country boys traveling to Nairobi & getting harassed by the police, who see their strange clothing & strange musical instruments & mark them for trouble.

As Walter explains it, it’s common for a Nairobi policeman to arrest first & ask questions later. To my mind, this is sort of a Nairobi version of Stevie Wonder’s NYC in “Living for the City”.


Another new Aaron English Band song has arrived, complete with an animated video courtesy of Berlin-based 3D artist Christian Rambow.

The song "Wingless Bird" features The Aaron English Band, a string quartet, & an entire freaking choir. The video tells the story of 4 songbirds trapped in a cage & their quest for freedom. 

Watch the video for "Wingless Bird" on YouTube, listen to/download the song on Bandcamp. Then check out more of Mr. Rambow's art at http://www.art-3d.com.


Just released: a New Year’s song. It's a tribute to all those dearly departed in the past year & an anthem of hope for the future...written by George Michael, who died a week ago.

Happy 2017, everyone. Click here to watch the video on YouTube...& here to listen/buy the track on Bandcamp.

Thanks to Montana cellist & YouTube star Jesse Ahmann for coming to Seattle to collaborate on this track with me. And thanks to the supporters on my Patreon page who have made it possible for me to produce new music & videos for you in 2016 & beyond!