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  • The Aaron English Band: "The Lullaby of Loneliness" (from the Live DVD)

    Available on iTunes: Web: Management: In an episode of the Fox TV drama Bones, a character made a mix of “the six greatest break-up songs” and gave it to a heart-broken colleague. The mix featured songs from alternative-pop stars such as Sia, Mazzy Star, José González, Antony and the Johnsons…and "The Lullaby of Loneliness" by Aaron English. This video is a excerpt from the Aaron English Band DVD "Animals Like Us: Live at London Bridge Studio" Aaron English: vocals; Patrick Strole: guitar, vocals; Mark Fauver: keyboards and programming; Miguel Mateus: bass; Derek Munson: drums. With special guest Diano Garcia: percussion, vocals. Filmed and recorded at London Bridge Studio in Seattle, WA on January 29, 2012. Recorded and mixed by Don Gunn. Video produced and art direction by Patrick Strole. Director of Photography: Christian Ford. Videographers: Trevor Sands, Xiren, Jeff Leisawitz, David Easley. Lyrics: I'm alone with what's left of my life while the moon cuts the night like a knife I am starved as the sigh of the stars you're the pulse in the rhythm of the hours turned to years but the night never ends you heal me you open the wounds again and any promise of dawn of day is so far so far away the lullaby of loneliness the lullaby of loneliness just a sick little trick of the light just the moon rolling cold through the lips of the night just a whisper like smoke on the tongue dying words of a distant sun just the murmur of fire in the vein just the winding of time on its chain just the shadows the longing the deep of your song but it won't bring me sleep the lullaby of loneliness the lullaby of loneliness the night wears your face the night wears your face