­The Aaron English Band

The Seattle-based Aaron English Band plays epic, world-beat-influenced rock a la Peter Gabriel and Led Zeppelin, driven by Aaron English's vivid lyrics, acrobatic voice, and deft piano work.

The band's live show is a blend of high-energy rock, pulsing electronics, and instrumentation from five continents, featuring Aaron English on vocals and keyboards, Patrick Strole on guitar and hurdy-gurdy, Aaron Kremer on wind synth and electronics, Brandon Milner on bass and Don Gunn on drums.

From 2003 to 2008, the band self-released two albums (2003's “All the Waters of This World” and 2007's “The Marriage of the Sun and the Moon”), and completed three tours of the U.S and Canada. In the summer of 2008, during their fourth North American tour, The Aaron English Band's bus was involved in a catastrophic accident on a Midwestern highway. Their restaurant-grease-fueled tour bus and most of their musical equipment were destroyed, and the band’s touring career was temporarily grounded.

While the band recovered from this loss, Aaron embarked on successful solo tours in support of his 2010 solo album “american [fever] dream”.  In 2012, the band released their live DVD "Animals Like Us"... & the single "Norwegian Wood/Kashmir" (a reinvention of the Beatles and Led Zeppelin classics), which reached the Top 5 on Italian rock radio charts, selling 10,000 units via Universal Records & reigniting the band’s career. The video for this medley has since become a viral hit on Youtube, racking up 250,000+ views as of December 2016.

The band is currently releasing a new single and video each month, a project that will culminate in a new album release in 2017.



English’s album caught our attention - more like snapped our heads back...With a self-produced debut like this, we’re sure we’ll be seeing The Aaron English Band’s profile rising higher and higher. - Ken Hughes, Keyboard Magazine

...remarkably mature and refreshingly original...should be required listening for any self-respecting music lover. - Duncan Glenday, Progressive Ears

...A talented new artist in a class with other stylistically challenging singer-songwriters such as Peter Gabriel, Joseph Arthur and Perry Blake...Potent lyricism, eloquence, & beautiful sublime melodies that reach much deeper than simple pop songs... - Mark Newman, Progression Magazine.