­The Aaron English Band

The Aaron English Band plays epic, world-beat-influenced rock a la Peter Gabriel and Led Zeppelin, driven by Aaron English's vivid lyrics, acrobatic voice, and deft piano work.

The band's live show is a blend of high-energy rock, pulsing electronics, and instrumentation from five continents.

In 2012, the band released their live DVD "Animals Like Us"... & the single "Norwegian Wood/Kashmir" (a reinvention of the Beatles and Led Zeppelin classics), which reached the Top 5 on Italian rock radio charts, selling 10,000 units via Universal/Virgin Records Italy. The video for this medley has since become a viral hit on Youtube, racking up over 250,000+ views.


English’s album caught our attention - more like snapped our heads back...With a self-produced debut like this, we’re sure we’ll be seeing The Aaron English Band’s profile rising higher and higher. - Ken Hughes, Keyboard Magazine

...remarkably mature and refreshingly original...should be required listening for any self-respecting music lover. - Duncan Glenday, Progressive Ears

...A talented new artist in a class with other stylistically challenging singer-songwriters such as Peter Gabriel, Joseph Arthur and Perry Blake...Potent lyricism, eloquence, & beautiful sublime melodies that reach much deeper than simple pop songs... - Mark Newman, Progression Magazine.