• Aaron English: "Kothbiro"

    Available on Bandcamp: http://aaronenglish.bandcamp.com/trac... If you enjoy this video, please "Like" it, leave a comment, share the link, spread the word. Website: http://www.aaronenglishband.com Video shot in Manyatta, Kisumu, Kenya by One Vibe Films (Jeremiah Kaynor, Simmon Okongo) & in Embudo, New Mexico, USA by Dark Brothers Creative (Marcus Sotelo) Video edited by EvolverMultimedia.com (Patrick Strole) Recorded in Seattle WA, San Francisco CA & Kisumu Kenya. Produced & engineered by Don Gunn, Mark Fauver, Patrick Strole, Aaron English. Performed by: Aaron English: Vocals, lute Derek Munson: Drums, percussion Aaron Kremer, Miguel Mateus: Bass Mark Fauver: Keyboards, programming, treatments Sarah Cabell: Vocals Walter Koga: Nyatiti Gulay Sarbay, Geli Wuerzner, John Jewell, Jesse Ahmann: String ensemble "Kothbiro" written by Mbarek Achieng